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Boasting three decades of expertise in Maryland, Downtown Finishes LLC stands at the forefront of exterior painting services. Our proficient team ensures unparalleled outcomes, from the initial color choice to the final paint application. Transform your residence with the top-tier home makeover it warrants!

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

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Why Downtown Finishes
for your exterior painting services in Maryland

Why Downtown Finishes for your exterior painting services in Maryland

Choosing the right exterior painting service for your home in Maryland, is not just about finding someone to apply a coat of paint. It’s about finding a trusted partner who will respect your home, take your unique tastes into account, and provide a service that enhances the beauty and value of your property. That’s why Downtown Finishes should be your go-to for exterior painting services.

For an exterior painting service that's reliable, professional,
and committed to excellence, choose Downtown Finishes.

High-Quality Paints

Brands we work with

At Down Town Finishes LLC, we take pride in working with the most prestigious paint brands on the market. Our commitment to quality leads us to select only the products that offer the best results for our clients in Maryland. We work with a variety of brands known for their durability, range of colors, and exceptional finishes. No matter what your vision is, we have the perfect paint to bring your ideas to life

Exterior Painting Services

At Downtown Finishes, we offer more than just exterior house painting. Our comprehensive services also include painting and staining, extending your home’s beauty, and protecting it from the elements. Our power washing service helps to maintain the cleanliness of your exterior surfaces, boosting their longevity. And our expertise isn’t limited to traditional materials – we’re also proficient in vinyl and aluminum siding painting. These additional services are designed to elevate your home’s curb appeal and ensure its lasting durability. Count on us to provide a one-stop solution for your home’s exterior maintenance needs.


If you are in Maryland, we can help you with:

Surface Preparation

Expert painters understand that the key to a long-lasting paint job is thorough preparation. This usually involves cleaning the surface to remove dirt and mildew, scraping off loose paint, and sanding the surface to ensure smoothness. Any cracks or holes are filled with caulk to prevent water infiltration.

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC
Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

If you are in Maryland, we can help you with:

Primer Application

Once the surface is prepared, a primer is applied. Primer serves as a base for the paint, enhancing its adhesion and durability. It also provides an additional layer of protection for the surface being painted.

If you are in Maryland, we can help you with:

Expert Paint Application Techniques

The final step is the application of paint. Professional painters know the importance of using high-quality paint and applying it correctly. This typically involves applying multiple coats to ensure even coverage and color richness. Between each coat, they allow ample drying time. This meticulous process ensures a flawless finish that can withstand the elements.

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

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Expert Painters in maryland

Looking for quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service? You’ve found the right place! At Down Town Finishes LLC, we offer high-quality materials and craftsmanship at competitive prices. We take pride in providing excellent communication and flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer! Take the first step towards renovating your home today. Contact us now!

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Engaging professional exterior house painters for your home’s painting needs is an investment in quality, precision, and expertise. By choosing a professional service, you benefit from a team with extensive training and experience in residential painting, which ensures high-quality workmanship that DIY or unprofessional attempts can’t match.

Professional painters possess the skill to accurately estimate the amount of paint needed, avoid common mistakes, and handle any unexpected issues that might arise during your exterior house painting project. We also know the best paint types and techniques to use for different surfaces, improving durability and aesthetics.

Home is more than just a place; it’s an expression of your style and personality. So, it deserves nothing less than the best. A professional exterior house painting service pays attention to detail, guaranteeing a visually appealing result that enhances your home’s curb appeal and value.

Overall, choosing a professional service for your house painters’ needs translates to high-quality results, saved time, and a stress-free experience, allowing you to enjoy the transformation of your home.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Downtown Finishes, we prioritize both quality and safety in our exterior house painting services. We are committed to utilizing only the highest-grade materials and paints to ensure a stunning, long-lasting finish. Our painters are meticulously trained, not only in painting techniques but also in maintaining safe working practices. Our team is equipped with safety gear and follows strict protocols to minimize any risks. Our commitment goes beyond painting; it extends to providing a safe and worry-free experience, from the initial consultation to the final inspection. Your satisfaction, peace of mind, and safety are our top priorities.

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC
Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

The Importance of Home’s Exterior Appearance

The exterior appearance of a home is crucial as it is the first impression anyone has of your property. It speaks volumes about your style, taste, and how you maintain your property. A well-maintained, beautifully painted exterior enhances your home’s curb appeal, increasing its value and reflecting your pride of ownership. It serves as a shield against the elements, keeping the structure in excellent condition. The aesthetics of your home’s exterior also impact the overall ambiance of the neighborhood. Thus, maintaining and investing in your home’s exterior appearance is of utmost importance.

We're Your Maryland Painters

As your dedicated Maryland painters, we’re committed to transforming your home with high-quality painting services. Our team combines local understanding with professional expertise to deliver personalized, stunning results. We’re not just painters; we’re community members passionate about beautifying our city, one home at a time. Trust us to refresh your home’s appearance and enhance its curb appeal.

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

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Trust Downtown Finishes for your exterior painting needs. Our professional, experienced house painters deliver outstanding results. But don’t just take our word for it – visit our Google Reviews page and see for yourself.

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

Paul Mccabe

I am so happy with the work Roger and his team did. I have to say they did an amazing job and were totally professional…

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

Ronnie Mens

“Beautiful” is how I would describe my home. Roger painted my entire house. I would not hesitate to recommend him, his work is meticulous…

Exterior Painting in Maryland - Downtown Finishes LLC

Joshua Shiflett

I was easily able to schedule an estimate the following day. Roger showed up on time as promised and very professional…

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Our Exterior Painting Services

At Downtown Finishes, we offer comprehensive exterior painting services, ensuring your home shines in its best light. Our services span everything from surface washing to the final touch-ups, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process.

Our services begin with a free estimate for your painting project. We then thoroughly wash the surface to remove any grime, oil, or old paint. This crucial step helps the new paint adhere better and last longer.

Next, we prepare the surface, which may include sanding and priming. This meticulous preparation ensures that the exterior painting will have a flawless, professional finish. We handle a variety of materials, from wood to vinyl siding, adapting our methods to achieve the best results.

Once the painting is complete, we don’t just pack up and leave. Our team carries out a thorough cleanup and conducts an inspection, making sure the result meets our high standards and your expectations. Our dedication to these thorough procedures distinguishes Downtown Finishes as a leading provider of exterior painting services in Maryland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Down Town Finishes LLC help me choose the right paint color and type?

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and preferences. Based on this, we’ll provide personalized recommendations for paint colors and types that best suit your project.

What does the surface cleaning process involve before painting?

Our surface cleaning process involves thorough dusting, washing, and priming to ensure that the paint adheres properly and the finish is smooth and long-lasting.

What are some of the expert painting techniques that Down Town Finishes LLC uses?

We use a variety of expert techniques depending on the project requirements, such as rolling for large, flat surfaces, brushing for detailed work, and spray painting for a flawless finish.

How can I schedule a service with Down Town Finishes LLC?

You can schedule a service with us by contacting our team via phone or email. We’ll discuss your project needs, provide a quote, and set up a time that works best for you.

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