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Interior Services

Color Consultation

Our color consultation service at Downtown Finishes LLC leverages our 25 years of experience to help you achieve the perfect paint colors for your space. Our team of experts has seen it all and are well-versed in various styles. We will work with you to choose the ideal shades for your walls, ensuring a cohesive and beautiful result that fits your unique style and personality. Trust Downtown Finishes LLC for all your painting needs, and schedule a color consultation today.

Services - Downtown Finishes LLC
Services - Downtown Finishes LLC

Interior Painting

Are you looking to transform the interior of your home or business? Our interior painting services at Downtown Finishes LLC are designed to bring new life to your space. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect colors and finish that fits your specific style and preferences. We understand that an interior painting project can be disruptive, so we make it our priority to work efficiently while delivering high-quality results. Our comprehensive services include surface preparation, caulking, painting, and a thorough clean-up. Trust Downtown Finishes LLC for all your interior painting needs.

Cabinet Painting

Are you looking for an affordable way to spruce up your cabinets and add value to your home? Our cabinet painting service is a great solution – not only will it extend their life with an extra layer of protection, but we’ll also give them a classic color palette facelift. It’s less disruptive than replacing the entire unit, plus it offers all the benefits that come along with increasing resale value.

Services - Downtown Finishes LLC

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Exterior Services

Exterior Painting

Looking to give your home or business a fresh look? At Downtown Finishes, we offer comprehensive exterior painting services to transform your property’s curb appeal. Our team uses premium quality paints that can withstand extreme weather conditions, providing a long-lasting and seamless finish. Exterior painting can also protect your property from moisture damage, preventing costly repairs in the future. Trust our team of seasoned professionals to deliver top-notch services tailored to your specific needs. Schedule an appointment today to revamp your property’s exterior!

Services - Downtown Finishes LLC
Services - Downtown Finishes LLC

Deck Painting & Staining

At Downtown Finishes, transform your outdoor living space with our deck painting and staining services. Our experts use premium quality materials creating a long-lasting, durable finish that protects your deck from weather damage, rot, and insects. Choose from various colors and finishes to suit your style preferences for improved aesthetics and extended lifespan. Trust us to bring your deck back to life!

Power Washing

Looking to rejuvenate the exterior of your property? Our power washing services are designed to revive and restore your property’s appearance. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove dirt, grime, and other buildup from surfaces such as driveways, decks, patios, and siding. Not only does power washing improve your property’s curb appeal, but it also helps prevent damage caused by algae and mold buildup, which can lead to costly repairs. With our effective and affordable services, trust Downtown Finishes to transform your property.

Services - Downtown Finishes LLC
Services - Downtown Finishes LLC

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Transform your property’s exterior with Downtown Finishes’ vinyl and aluminum siding painting services. Our team of experts provides a durable, resilient finish that protects your home from weather-related damage while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Choose from a wide range of colors and trust us to revamp your property’s curb appeal. Increase your home’s value and lifespan while bringing your vision to life. Contact Downtown Finishes today!

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